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If you have a noise problem that requires immediate attention outside of office hours (i.e. Between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m.), please call our after-hours helpline at 905-771-5458. Please leave your name, phone number, address and a brief description of the noise problem. An on-call agent will investigate your concern as soon as possible after receiving your message and we will contact you the next business day. The Noise Protection Ordinance No. 43-20, as amended, describes the time limits and limits within which certain sounds are permitted, such as: The Town of Georgina Noise Ordinance is enforced by the Municipal Law Enforcement Division and York Regional Police. The city regulates many types of noise that can disturb city residents. Noise exemptions may be granted in order to allow noise outside the provisions of the Noise Protection Ordinance. In order to apply for a noise exemption, it is possible to apply to the Community Standards Division for exemption from the Noise Ordinance in certain cases, such as special events and construction work required outside the noise regulations. For after-hours noise complaints, please contact our after-hours helpline at 905-771-5458.

Please leave your name, phone number, address and a brief description of the noise problem, and an officer will investigate your concern. For more information on noise, noise exemptions or a noise complaint, please contact the Statutes and Licenses section. Richmond Hill Water Conservation By-law 39-08 governs outdoor water use from June 15 to September 30. Saving water at this time of year helps us protect the environment and keep our water supplies low. Outdoor water applications include lawn irrigation and car washing. Richmond Hill Fencing Order No. 140-90 governs the maximum height of fences on your property. These include back, side and front fences, there are also specific fencing regulations for corner plots. Richmond Hill Tow Truck Regulation 78-19 requires that all tow trucks be registered and safe for customers and owners.

You will need to sign a towing permit form before towing your vehicle. Richmond Hill law enforcement officers and/or York Regional Police inspect tow trucks. Richmond Hill`s General Zoning Ordinances set out permitted uses for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other properties. Bylaws also include reset requirements for structures, aisle width, commercial uses and squats. Richmond Hill Fireworks Order No. 77-10 governs the sale and use of fireworks in the City of Richmond Hill. The City of Richmond Hill maintains a municipal code in which each chapter is a consolidated version of a particular by-law with all relevant amendments. The chapters of the municipal code are presented here for ease of interpretation. Each municipality has its own local status. Common questions about by-laws are: To request an investigation into a possible by-law violation, please email or call 905-771-0198 and provide details of your concern, as well as your name, address and telephone number or email address.

Richmond Hill Anti-Graffiti By-law No. 69-07 was passed to combat graffiti in our community. To deter graffiti in Richmond Hill, the ordinance prohibits graffiti on public or private property and requires prompt removal of graffiti. Municipal Code Chapter 831 – Billiards, Billiards and Bagatel For more information, please visit our tow truck permit page. Richmond Hills Property Standards By-law No. 79-99 sets minimum standards for the maintenance and occupancy of properties. Municipal Code Chapter 304 – Ordinance No. 15-88 on Livestock, as amended. The Richmond Hill Administrative Monetary Penalty System is a municipal alternative to the provincial court system that administers and adjudicates crimes. The AMPS program transfers offences such as garbage and tow truck conflicts from the courtroom to the community. Most disputes are resolved within 45 days.

Please note that due to the legality of the medical and recreational use of cannabis, reports of nuisance cannabis odours will not be investigated. For more information on property standards, please visit our page on property standards or the Property Standards Regulation. The legislation also outlines the requirements for pool enclosures. Homeowners must obtain a pool enclosure permit before installing a pool on their property. For more information on how to obtain a pool enclosure permit, please see our Site Change and Pool Enclosure Permits page. To learn more about trees on City Street, please learn more about tree planting and tree care in Richmond Hill. Municipal Code Chapter 829 – Adult Amusement Facilities Richmond Hill`s Second Hand Goods By-law No.