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Legal DNA testing is often ordered in a divorce and custody case by the couple`s lawyers, the judge, or one of the divorced parents. Our DNA paternity tests are performed by professional technicians in one of our national clinics. The DNA test lab report is signed by a doctor. There are several reasons to get a paternity test for court proceedings, such as: alimony and custody cases, birth certificate, immigration, adoption, tax forms, inheritance tax, etc. The report will be published on your secure online account 1-2 business days after all samples are received by the laboratory. Do you need a paternity test before the baby is born? We offer a non-invasive prenatal paternity test. The collection process is very simple, 4 swabs per person are used through a painless cheek swab. To ensure 100% accuracy, we perform all analyses twice. Therefore, candidates should generally abstain from coffee or tea for 1 to 2 hours or from smoking and make sure their mouth is clean. We want your DNA, not the DNA of the sandwich you ate or the cigarette you smoked, for example. The biggest differences between the two tests are that a home paternity test does not require proof of identity, requiring all participants to identify themselves with a state or federal ID (driver`s license, passport, or birth certificate for young children) and take a photo at the time of the test. Most people seeking legal DNA testing will do so through a court order. However, if you want to change a legal document such as a birth certificate, apply for child support or custody, apply for immigration, plan an estate or will, etc., a legal DNA test is for you.

YOUR CONCLUSIONS: Once the results are verified, the decision-maker will have immediate and secure online access to the report and a court-admissible legal document will be sent to all verified parties. DNA testing is a very dynamic and ever-evolving field – new tests are emerging as scientists begin to discover new techniques and learn more about our genes. At easyDNA, we keep abreast of these new tests and changes and bring them to you. Our relationship tests can prove if children are biologically related to their parents or if they are half-siblings. Immigration tests can match families in the country where they feel at home by providing immigration authorities with the proof of immigration they need. But easyDNA goes even further – we are among the first to launch a range of tests, including non-invasive prenatal paternity tests, which are 100% risk-free blood DNA tests based on fetal DNA analysis in maternal blood. We also introduced a urine-based baby sex test to determine the sex of the baby in just 9 weeks of pregnancy. Let us arrange your DNA test, leave everything in our hands – just provide easyDNA with the DNA samples we need to provide you with your results. For your legal DNA results to be eligible for your paternity or legal purposes, they must (2) meet the basic criteria.

Firstly, that the laboratory carrying out the test is truly AABB accredited and, secondly, that the rules of the chain of custody are strictly adhered to. Some small labs that advertise a cheap legal DNA test allow participants to choose their own collector. Surprisingly, they even send the collection kit directly to the customer. This is a direct violation of the AABB requirements for anyone associated with the court-approved test to be in possession of the class kit. Please note that this can be very costly for your family in the long run. For this reason, we never ship collection kits to anyone other than a doctor`s office or clinic. EasyDNA USA for fast, affordable and reliable DNA testing services. Available for legal and reassuring purposes, our DNA tests can be used in many situations, from family problem solving to legal assistance.

Our paternity test starts at just $109 to test the alleged father and child. There is no additional charge. Kinship and paternity tests are carried out by an internationally accredited laboratory.