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All short-term rentals are required to obtain a business license from the city to operate legally. It should establish safeguards against the spread of short-term rentals in the valley and provide a pathway to legal operation, while local jurisdictions can continue to develop their own rules, she said. “Anyone can access the Airbnb platform, the Vrbo platform or the HomeAway platform, and they can literally access thousands of illegal listings,” Nguyen said. “We need to make sure that other parts of our state [without regulation] are protected from this increase in unregulated short-term rentals. In a statement to The Nevada Independent, Adam Thongsavat, Airbnb`s head of public policy, wrote that Airbnb generally supports efforts to legalize short-term rentals, but still views the bill as too restrictive. The bill requires Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County to include short-term housing in their legal definitions of “temporary accommodation,” meaning they are subject to the same taxes that hotels charge guests. Lisa Skurov, a real estate agent, lives in Spring Valley, near Jones Boulevard and Edna Avenue. For the past five years, she and others in their neighborhood have fought against illegal vacation rentals. It`s important to understand your local laws if you want to become an Airbnb host. We offer a platform and a marketplace, but we do not provide legal advice. Nevertheless, we would like to share some information to help you understand the laws and other rules relating to short-term rentals in the city of Las Vegas, NV.

The information in this article is not exhaustive, but it should help you begin your research on local laws. If you have any questions, you can visit the City of Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Licenses page, contact the Las Vegas Planning and Zoning Department, or another local authority, such as a local attorney or tax professional. Las Vegas has some of the strictest Airbnb laws in the country. They are completely illegal in some corners of the desert metropolis, such as northern Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County. Other areas — Henderson, Las Vegas City — allow short-term rentals, although there are clear guidelines. Each host in these areas must be registered, rental properties must have a fixed distance from each other, and owners in some districts are only allowed to rent their primary residence. The main result of all this has been to reduce the number of viable Airbnbs throughout the city. Some fines have been imposed on hosts, but there are few reports of guests being targeted by law enforcement.

We always recommend checking with the listing manager before your trip to see if everything is in order. The struggles to enforce the county`s ban were not due to a lack of effort, Naft added, pointing to important legal thresholds that must be reached to effectively crack down on party houses, leaving neighbors feeling exhausted after years of fighting illegal vacation rentals. If your property is located in Clark County, most of the Strip and surrounding area, short-term rentals like Airbnb that last less than 31 days are not allowed and are currently considered illegal. The majority of properties near the Las Vegas Strip fall under the jurisdiction of Clark County, where short-term rentals, defined as less than 31 days, are prohibited. This applies to all residential properties in Clark County. Quite simple – Renting your personal home on sites like Airbnb is illegal. The legal obligation for hosting platforms to verify the registration status of third-party short-term rental offers – penalising these platforms for non-compliance with hosts – can be challenged in court. The potential bad news is that there may be new requirements and no changes under new state laws, which could mean that your current short-term rental on Airbnb might no longer be legal and your approval might be denied.

As of July 1, 2022, short-term rentals in the unincorporated neighborhood must be legalized and regulated. Different parties are worried. Last year, the state legislature passed a law requiring the county to regulate rentals. There are currently 10,000 illegal units in Nevada. The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association, which advocates for the legalization of vacation rentals statewide, also did not support the bill, but its concerns were rooted in provisions such as overly restrictive removal requirements. The good news is that laws are changing and Nevada has passed a law that will require Clark County to legalize and regulate short-term rentals like Airbnb, but what those regulations will be has not yet been determined. The law will enter into force on 1 July 2022. @Misha T -Thank you for the impetus given to update this. It seems that the rule is currently the same, but Clark County must make short-term rentals by 1.

Make July legal! Big change. Even the city of Las Vegas, which has already regulated the industry, has about 1,400 illegally operated rentals, Nguyen noted this week. UPDATE – Summer 2022: The Nevada State Legislature recently passed a law (AB363) that will require Clark County to legalize and regulate short-term rentals until July 1, 2022. Discussions are currently underway at the county level to determine what this regulated market will look like. Starting July 1, 2022, short-term rentals in the unincorporated district will need to be legalized, initiating a new regulated limit for home-sharing in the state`s most populous area, which includes the Las Vegas Strip. During the bill`s introduction and discussions on the measure, Airbnb and other opponents warned that minimum night and distance requirements that restrict short-term rentals near gaming properties could hamper Nevada`s post-pandemic recovery. “We are following a pandemic unique in a century that has devastated the travel and tourism industry,” Adam Thongsavat, director of programs at Airbnb, said at the hearing in late April. “Now is the time to attract visitors to Nevada in a safe and healthy way.” Platforms must provide a host`s short-term rental license number so that a consumer using their website knows if a property is allowed. And if a host repeatedly violates the regulations, local authorities have the option to hold the platform to account. The bill leaves the method of accountability to the county, but Nguyen said it could take the form of a fine or other enforcement mechanism.

Commissioner Justin Jones said thousands of residents responded to the county`s survey, which was the basis for the proposed regulation. “The results showed that people wanted more restrictions on short-term rentals.” The city offers a 24-hour hotline to handle complaints about noise, excessive number of tenants, big parties, garbage, parking, and other issues.