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First aid must be available at all times when children are cared for on site or off site during visits and excursions. The registered supplier is responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met. Dear Helen, there is no legal obligation to do so, but it is a good idea. Debbie, Ofsted does not endorse certificates per se, but there are established guidelines for early childhood – where you should have at least one person available at all times, including coverage and off-site travel, who has a full 12-hour qualification in paediatric first aid. Whichever route you choose to learn pediatric first aid, EYFS suggests that you meet the specifications outlined in the Health and Safety Officer`s Guide to choosing a first aid training provider. Dear Matthew, thank you very much for your message. You must have adequate coverage to meet your risk assessment and someone trained to do so at all times. If your camps are not registered with Ofsted, it does not have to be the 12-hour paediatric qualification. Many people in your situation find that the online sports first aid course, which covers first aid for adults and children in a school setting, works perfectly for their needs. Best regards Emma If you prefer an internship, we are also happy to help you with the expected qualifications of instructors and evaluators Monitoring and Quality Assurance Systems First Aid Education and Standards of Practice Certification of program content Thank you for your message. All schools have a legal and regulatory obligation, as well as a duty of care, to ensure that they have adequate first aid coverage in accordance with their risk assessments. Ofsted has made it clear that the pandemic is not eliminating legal and regulatory requirements.

I am very sorry to hear about this, but I am afraid I cannot comment on this because I do not know all the circumstances or context and it would not be appropriate for me to do so. In an ideal world, all kindergarten staff would be trained in first aid, like Millie`s Mark. Dear Sue, Due diligence means that the person providing first aid must be properly trained in first aid and be fully accountable for their actions. I hope this helps. Best regards Emma We can come and provide you with Covid-safe, practical and regulated training to help you meet these requirements. If people are not comfortable doing an internship now, they can start with the online element of pre-apprenticeship and finish the internship once that spike has subsided. We offer a range of paediatric first aid courses in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham and the North East and beyond. Whether you work in a school or nursery, childminder, babysitter or volunteer with children, we have a range of first aid courses to ensure children`s safety and compliance. We work with various schools to ensure they meet first aid requirements and have the skills and confidence to keep children, staff and visitors safe.

Paediatric first aid courses take place over a period of 12 hours in a modular system, with each module lasting approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour. Each pupil receives a first aid booklet free of charge. Our new video on keeping children alive is shown in every class. Hello, please tell me the legal requirements. Should a first responder be on duty during the break and lunch on the playground x Should the accident pick up the first responder x thank you Hello, my son is going on a school trip that includes one night, there are about 65 students, how many first responders should accompany them? Dear Zoe, thank you very much for your message and I am sorry to hear about your child`s accident. The standard instruction for a sprain or strain is to rest, apply a wrapped ice pack, apply and lift a comfortable support bandage. To do this, I would expect the sock to be removed. However, if the child was taken directly to the emergency room, all this first aid could take place in the emergency department, and I would not expect that removing the sock or leaving for a short time would make a dramatic difference in their outcome. Hello, if a child in the 4. The elementary school classroom faints and is unconscious and hits the head and has other facial injuries including a drooping eye, should the first responder have called an ambulance? Dear Mark, thank you very much for your message.

Ideally, everyone would have a first aid qualification and you would be able to apply for Millie`s Mark, but as long as you have enough trained staff to comply with EYFS, meet your minimum requirements. Please let us know if you would like us to help you in any way? Best regards Emma It remains a legal requirement in the EYFS (kindergartens, kindergartens, host year) that at least one person has a valid 12-hour paediatric first aid certificate and is available at all times in a vocational daycare. This includes coverage for sickness and annual leave, as well as accompanying children on trips or excursions. Many facilities choose to train all staff in the 12-hour Level 3 Pediatric First Aid course so that they are all highly qualified and covered for all eventualities. I teach an induction course and am not currently trained in first aid, although I am booked for a course in March and there is a staff member with a background in pediatric first aid at the school. If I were to take my class on a trip before March, should I take someone with special pediatric first aid training instead of someone with a regular first aid certificate? 🙂 Thank you for our upcoming EFAW, pediatric emergency or 12-hour pediatric first aid qualifications, please visit our scheduled course page. I currently work as a lunchtime supervisor and am not trained in first aid. My school sends other employees for training, but I`m not belittled for that. My manager knows this and always expects me to provide first aid to the children during the lunch break.

By law, do I have to stop providing first aid? How to clean cuts and apply dressings, get ice packs ect? Or is it okay? Of course, for anything more serious, I would ask the first assistant to help me. I don`t want to do anything that could get me in trouble. Thank you. For more information on first aid requirements in schools, check out the article I wrote for The British Journal of School Nursing – new legislation that came into effect in April 2017, where the Ministry of Education requires all newly qualified level two and three child care providers to receive either first aid. Having a pediatric first aid certificate means that everyone in the childcare facilities is trained. To view the new legislation, please click here. The new requirements have not affected childminders, who must already have a full 12-hour PFA certificate. Our Level 3 award of 12 hours in paediatric first aid meets Ofsted`s requirements for those working in schools, kindergartens and early childhood facilities.

This paediatric first aid course meets the criteria outlined in Appendix A of the Legislative Framework for the Early Years Preparatory Phase (EYSF). Dear Kiera Thank you for your message. You should only provide first aid at the level for which you are trained and competent. Best regards Emma Hello, I was wondering if ypu help me, I was just “let go” because I was not giving first aid to a child. I did this because I did not train first aid and there were 3 or other staff members present who had trained first aid. This is certainly not acceptable, general first aid certificates, which are the normal requirements for employers, although they are required in workplaces, are not sufficient to work with children and babies. For facilities caring for children who have not yet reached puberty, child care providers should have a pediatric first aid certificate. In settings caring for children who have reached puberty, child care providers should have an adult first aid certificate. For HSE qualifications, we run a fully regulated and approved 3-day blended first aid course at work.

This is suitable in combination with 3-day pre-learning or 2-day FAW requalification, with only practical days. The course is suitable for schools and kindergartens and includes first aid for adults and children. These courses fill up extremely quickly, but we can add additional dates or arrange tailor-made courses if needed. The certificate must be adapted to the type of childcare.