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ARTICLE 1432 DEFINITION OF SHIPS. Ship: any main structure or independent structure suitable for navigation and intended for navigation, irrespective of its propulsion system. If the ship is deliberately scrapped, even if it was built with the same materials; ARTICLE 1447 CONTESTATION OF THE SALE OF THE VESSEL BY CREDITORS. The sale of a vessel may be contested by creditors under the terms and requirements of this Code and the Civil Code. ARTICLE 1439 REGISTRATION OF SHIP PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED ABROAD. To register a ship previously registered abroad, in accordance with Articles 1427 and 1442, in addition to the title proving the applicant`s ownership, a certificate of cancellation of foreign registration and proof of delivery of materials by the ship must be attached. for having declared itself under conditions of absolute unseaworthiness, and paragraph 2. The contract for the construction of warehouses, whatever its commercial nature, is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code. If the vessel is registered, the provisions of Article 1445 must be complied with. The ship will be dismantled and rebuilt, even with the same materials, it will be considered new. In the corresponding deed of sale, a list of preferential and hypothecary debts relating to the vessel must be inserted, provided by the transferor, which, if he fails to do so, will be considered in bad faith. The registration certificate with the insertion of the entirety of it will accredit the nationality of the vessel. PARAGRAPH 1.

When registering a newly constructed ship, a certificate from the harbour master of the place where the shipyard where it was built is located is required to certify that it is mortgage-free. If this tax exists, it will be recorded in the respective registration. Shipping agents of ships shall be representatives of their owners or owners for all legal purposes. ARTICLE 1445 MANNER OF CARRYING OUT THE TRADITION OF THE SHIP`S DOMAIN. The tradition of ownership of a registered ship is achieved through the cancellation of the registration from the transferor and the issuance of a new registration to the purchaser, who attaches proof of his entitlement to his application; In addition, the previous delivery of the vessel must be accredited. ARTICLE 1457 CASES OF CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION. The registration of a Colombian vessel is cancelled: the captain, officers and crew of the ship are not allowed to acquire their domain by prescription. PARAGRAPH 2. The competent maritime authority shall classify ships accordingly from a technical and operational point of view. Middle English, from Old English Nafu; Similar to Old English Nafela Navel 1. F.

The machine is equipped with means of propulsion and control that allow navigation outside the Earth`s atmosphere with or without crew. The Protocol is also implemented in accordance with Title IV of Decree-Law 960 of 1970, which covers all documents and acts relating to the domain and other rights in rem over ships. where ownership of the ship is transferred contrary to Article 1458; If the ship is of recent construction and the applicant is the manufacturer, he shall submit a certificate issued by the competent maritime authorities indicating the authorization granted for the construction of the ship or the proof referred to in the following Article. The client may submit the application on his own behalf or on behalf of a third party; ARTICLE 1433 CLASSES OF SHIPS – LARGE AND SMALL VESSELS. There are two categories of ships: large vessels of twenty-five tonnes or more, and small vessels of less than the indicated tonnage. ARTICLE 1444 ACQUISITION BY ABANDONMENT OF SHIPS. The ownership of a ship may be acquired following its abandonment in accordance with Articles 1737 et seq. ARTICLE 1451 FORMALITIES FOR SEIZURE OF VESSELS.

Once a ship has been seized, the judge notifies the master of the port of registry before serving the corresponding search order. “Ship.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 23 November 2022. ARTICLE 1435 NATURE OF VESSELS. The ship is indeed a movable universality subject to the exception provided for in this Code. ARTICLE 1455 SHIPPING AGENT OF THE FOREIGN SHIP. The owner of a foreign ship arriving at the port must have an accredited shipping agent in the country. By judicial judgment rendered in the country or abroad, if legally recognized in Colombia.

ARTICLE 1456 PROOF OF OWNERSHIP AND RIGHTS IN REM IN THE SHIP. Certificates issued by the master of the port of registry after examination of the port of registry shall constitute full proof of ownership and other rights in rem in the ships, of the attachments or mortgages relating thereto and of the existence of disputes relating to those rights. The vessel is valid for a voyage from the moment the master receives the licence from the respective harbour master until his arrival at the next port. ARTICLE 1453 SEIZURE OF THE QUOTA OF THE DEBTOR CO-OWNER OF THE VESSEL. The vessel may not be seized or auctioned for the private debts of one of the co-owners; However, the debtor`s share can be seized and sold at auction.