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What Monzo calls a “legal name” (and I`ve had a lot of whining about it) is, as you say, a name as it appears on a recognized document dictated by industry regulations rather than common law. Many companies require proof of your name change, and this can serve as such. Without this document, I have had contradictory results. My card expires and a new one is sent. Monzo asked me to confirm my contact details. Question 1, do you want your official name or preferred name on the card? I have been informed by a credit agency that my middle name could negatively affect my loan because my other financial accounts do not have my middle name. Sometimes these rules may seem arbitrary, but they are essential – for example, if we do a CIFAS check or a voters list check, it is likely that in these databases the “legal” name will match the name on your document, so we are more likely to ensure that all results are genuine. I doubt they will do this with foreign names as there are more chances of getting a misprint that can cause more effort later. However, as a member of a responsible bank, we also need to make sure we understand why you want to use your preferred name. Sometimes people use something ridiculous like Mickey Mouse, but for others there may be a rational explanation, so we want to talk to people to understand it so we can meet people`s needs as best we can. This is simply not true. There is no significant canonical legal name in English common law. You have the common law right to be known by any name except for fraudulent reasons.

Your “official name” – as it is or is – is/are a matter of fact and use – not registration. Anyway, the app doesn`t allow any other activity until I activate the card, I think. However, the problem is with my last name, which appears in both preferred and legal names. It doesn`t make much difference, but I`m a little worried about it. My official name is, well, my official name; And my favorite name is an anglicized version of it. I had to set it when logging in It is possible that it slipped through the net N26throwaway. Remember that they are controlled as human beings, so there is always a chance that one person will accept a name and another will not. /u/EllieBingo Monzo was fortunate to have a relatively large number of NB and transgender employees from the beginning, and many decisions about name changes, the way Monzo reports to CRAs were made with the needs of trans people in mind.

If this hasn`t changed since I left, Monzo won`t even ask you for your gender when you sign up, or your favorite honorific title (Mr., Mrs., Mrs., etc.). All Monzo reports are declared as Mx to the NCAs. At least when I was there, it was one of those things we fought hard for. It could also be argued that different employees have different interpretations of your preferred naming policy and that what is acceptable to one may not be accepted by another. I`m trying to figure out how to remove my middle name from my account? Let`s say you changed your name but didn`t bother to do it legally, but all your friends and family now call you Janet instead of Veronica and have been doing it for years. However, you wouldn`t be able to use the name Janet as your preferred or legal name for Monzo because it looks nothing like your official name, Veronica, on your ID. Monzo will reject your legal and preferred name and ask you to chat with them to ask them why you are trying to use a name that looks nothing like the name on your ID? Without the above proof of a name change, you will not be able to use it. However, there are many reasons why you typed a different name into an app. You may have gotten married, divorced or changed your name and haven`t updated your ID yet. If this is the case, you can still use your old ID, as long as you can also provide additional proof that your name has changed, dated the date your ID was issued, such as a marriage certificate or a document for surveying the deed. If you are unable to provide this proof, you must use the legal name on your ID until you can prove otherwise that your name has changed. If you enter “Rob Smith” as your legal name, but your ID is “Robert Smith” However, if you contact us via the app, we can update your preferred name and you can have it on future cards @redshift I can`t find where I can do the chat online, and when I called (again), He sent me a link in the app for “legal name change” and when I clicked and said “there was a problem”.

Do you know of a way to chat with a consultant directly in the app? For example, if you enter “Rob Smith” as your legal name, but your ID says “Robert Smith,” they`ll probably just change it to “Robert Smith” without having to tell or talk to you. If you have a middle name on your ID but haven`t added it, they`ll probably add it just for you to speed up your request. However, if you type “Robert Jones” but your ID says “Smith”, they will have to refuse and ask you to speak with them to ask them why you are using a legal name that is not on your ID? This is due to FCA regulations to know your customers. Monzo will always use what is written on your ID as its legal name. If you enter a name that is not your legal name in the “Official Name” section of an application, it will either be replaced with your ID (if it is a typo or similar name) or you will have to reject it. It is worth mentioning that its official name is still used in Monzo`s official documents, such as bank statements. But his favorite name is used for and appears on his map. I think you usually define your legal and preferred name at the time of application, from memory, but it`s been quite a while. Changing the legal name is the one for which you need an ID, so you can start the process whenever you want, change the preferred name, have the card changed, etc.

and deal with the legal part later. Official name as my full name, including the two middle names Others were just my first and last name (I chose this) Others were the first and middle name without a last name, then the other was a first name, middle name, and last name I had my preferred name changed from my legal name when I informed them of my name change when I got married – it didn`t take long, until they came back and that was after the lockdown started Official name for bank statements, not sure for envelope You can search for “Help” (tab at the bottom right) to “Change name” and select “Change official name”.