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The client must have the necessary capacity to perform the acts entrusted to the lawyer; Otherwise, if the child is a minor or a disabled person), the power of attorney must be signed by your legal representative. The mandatary must be able to act. This type of letter is used not only to appear and inform the judge of his participation in the trial, but also© to ± the legal representative. This authorisation must be accompanied by a copy of the identity document of the contracting authority or authorities and, where appropriate, the document authorising the legal representative to sign it on their behalf. This model can be used to grant a special power of attorney; That is, authorizing another person to perform certain actions on their behalf and/or to refer to a particular property or object. For example, to grant a specific power of attorney for the purchase or sale of movable property (vehicle, painting, etc.), to collect documents on your behalf, etc. On the contrary, it cannot be used to grant a general power of attorney allowing a person to perform any type of act on behalf of another person. Another form of procedural representation is the technical©or judicial representation of the lawyer. It is a question of granting a lawyer a general power of attorney, in the sole rite of accrediting himself as legal counsel of one of© the main parties or their representative in the proceedings. As the procedural act is a highly technical© matter, it is essential that the acts are performed by persons who wish to see the procedure developed quickly and responsibly[1]. This template is provided by reference only to be carefully reviewed and adapted to your own needs.

In this sense, delete the data that you do not consider necessary and / or add those that have not been saved. Powers of attorney and the notarial legitimation of the signature are regulated by the decree of 2 June 1944 definitively approving the ordinance on the organization and regime of notaries. [1] Article 139 Principles and rights of the judiciary: 14. The principle of not being deprived of the rights of the defence at any stage of the proceedings. Every person must be informed immediately in writing of the reason(s) for his arrest. You have the right to communicate personally with a lawyer of your choice and to be advised by him as soon as you are summoned or detained by a public authority. This special power of attorney may be revoked by©the client(s). This revocation can be made before a notary by signing the corresponding deed of revocation of the power of attorney.

1-A simple copy of my representative`s identity card. The document can be used by natural or legal persons and is suitable in case there are several clients and / or several lawyers. JUDGE AT THE SPECIALIZED CIVIL COURT OF ******. –Other names for this document: private power of attorney, power of attorney, power of attorney, act of voluntary representation, voluntary representation document [2] Parties normally do not have the knowledge of the law and procedural techniques© necessary to effectively defend their own reasons in court; And on the other hand, they bring to the controversy a personality that hinders the proper development of the judicial function. Both the requirements of the private interest and the requirements of the general interest©©therefore make it possible to entrust the task of acting effectively in this process to particularly competent persons who, by virtue of their culture, experience and professional expertise, know how to conduct the reasons of litigants with the composure and specific competence that the parties lack. These are, in short, the reasons which have long made the cooperation of lawyers indispensable for the development of the administration of justice. (LIEBMAN, Enrico Tullio, op. cit., p. 71). FIRST OTHERS I SAY: In accordance with article 290 of the harmonized uniform text of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, the defendant`s lawyer attaches this letter. MODEL OF APPEARANCE AND DESIGNATION OF LEGAL REPRESENTATION In addition, this document may indicate an expiry date for voluntary representation and permit or prohibit the replacement of the representative(s) (i.e. it designates a sub-agent or the power of attorney to another person).

transmits). In some cases (e.g. special powers of attorney that must be presented in court or that have as their object a deed that must be recorded in an authentic instrument), it is necessary that this power of attorney be recorded in a public document (power of attorney) issued before a notary for the purpose of subsequent evidence to third parties. Similarly, in other cases, it is possible to contact a notary to legitimize the signatures, which offers greater legal certainty to both parties and third parties with whom the representative concludes contracts or acts on behalf of the represented person. Apersonamiento comes from the pronominal verb “apersonarse” and the suffix “miento” and refers to the act and result of the presentation, participation, appearance or participation as an interested party to a dispute, court, hearing or trial. In the corporate sector, the specific regulation of powers of attorney can be found in § 281 et seq. of the German Commercial Code (HGB). This special power of attorney can be used in all cases where an authorized representative is appointed to perform certain acts and/or to refer to a specific property or item. However, if you wish to give proxy at a general meeting, the following documents are more suitable: I ask you to respect the above and to obtain access to those requested.

A power of attorney is a statement of intent by which a person (called principal or representative) authorizes or authorizes another person (called agent or representative) who accepts or authorizes it to perform, execute and/or sign on his behalf certain acts or contracts that have as their primary effect as if he had performed them. This document allows this power of attorney to be registered in writing, which gives both parties more legal certainty. (Provide the data of the person) with whom it has been identified (type and number of the document with which it is identified) with real address according to the RENIEC file in (indicate the address that appears on your ID), district, province and region, followed by the se±or (provide the data of the person with whom the operation is carried out), envelope (indicate the purpose of the process). Before the judiciary of your worthy office, let me say ± the following: in general, powers are regulated by the Civil Code; In particular, Articles 1709 et seq.