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For more information about system requirements for various VMS applications and system components, see the Milestone Web site ( Here you will find the minimum requirements for a wide range of Milestone products. If you have any questions or requests for support, please contact the Milestone Support Community. * Due to a bug introduced by Microsoft in a recent Windows 10 update, it may not be possible to connect to your XProtect Professional VMS product management application on Windows 10. A workaround exists, see Computer with XProtect Professional Plus software. Not sure what hardware to buy or how many devices to run on your current hardware?. Please do not include personal data such as name, email address, phone number, etc. in your response. If you provide personal data, Milestone will process such personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your personal data will be deleted as soon as possible in accordance with our privacy policy. • Please note that XProtect Corporate 2013 R2 will be the last version of the XProtect Corporate product line to support Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Pre-registration applies to XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Smart Client – Player and XProtect Smart Wall. Computer running Mobile Server – Using software transcoding.

XProtect Corporate 2013 R2 will also be the latest version of the XProtect Corporate product line, available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The next scheduled version will only be released in a 64-bit version. Then we recommend our XProtect server calculator. For more information or inspiration, check out our husky documentation.