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Meridian Legal Systems offers lawyers its Solpak legal accounting and management system. Their product, a law practice management software, is used by more than 50 law firms in the UK. Case management and document automation continue to be the most effective ways to improve efficiency in the legal community. Our systems help you keep pace with changing regulatory requirements. Butch is our office dog. Don`t answer the phone, but politely in personal meetings. Our custom software package is a simple and logical solution to improve your business. Purchase our account-only package or the full practice management option. We also contributed to improvements, inconsistent data issues, and the migration of customer data to Meridian`s Solpak software. Corporate Director – Legal Software Case Management Specialist Our accounting system can be used as a standalone product or integrated into an existing document management solution. Migrating data and integrating existing data is as simple as providing a copy, and we do the rest. Just plug it in and you`re good to go! Over time, we have developed a number of add-ons to their core system.

Our software is all you need if all you want is a practice management system that can change and adapt to your business. Our precedents, workflows and built-in forms can be changed by you at any time. Easy to navigate and easy to learn, the layout of our system is simple, instinctive and easy to follow. John is our new employee. MCSE trained, John can help you with all kinds of network problems, computer problems and always with a friendly smile. Our system will prove invaluable in showing you which areas of your business are profitable or unprofitable. Next reporting date 27 February 2023 due by 13 March 2023 Improvements will be made to the system in conjunction with the practice of lawyers across the UK. IT Support Network Support Computer Sales Security and Protection Project Management Hardware and facilities IT upgrades Next accounts created by December 31, 2022 and due no later than September 30, 2023 Vacancy If you are reliable, curious and want to know more than the average office worker, contact Jane at Meridian to discuss, How we can help you. We make it easy for you to transform our software into your ideal system by offering inclusive setup training and unlimited support.