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The Delaware Sex Offender Registry stores information about sex offenders in the state in digital form. The information is stored in an electronic database and is publicly accessible via the Internet. “Community notification” also includes notifications provided through an alert system added to the Delaware State Police Sex Offender Registry website that allows government agencies, government officials, and members of the public to sign up to receive updates by geographic area when a sex offender has been added to the registry. deleted or changed its status. The classification depends on the extent of the sexual offence committed. The law ensures that every sex offender in the state is assessed upon release from prison. The assessment determines whether the abuser is fit to be in public. The school, school district or licensed child care provider will periodically inform parents and staff of the availability and location of the community notification package. Mandatory offences, 90-day imprisonment with a remaining sentence of at least one year of probation, up to 1 year imprisonment; second criminal offence and subsequent Class G errors; Revocation of probation or probation “Community communication” is a communication made in a manner specifically designed to notify members of the public who may encounter a sex offender. The Delaware Sex Offenders Act mandates the state Department of Criminal Justice to prosecute sex offenders living in Delaware.

After sentencing, important information about a sex offender is shared with the ministry. The law classifies sex offenders in Delaware into 3 levels: (2) The physical posting of community notices in public school buildings and licensed daycares is prohibited. Notification methods may include, but are not limited to: Dover`s Sex Offender Compliance Department consists of two officers who monitor all registered sex offenders who live, work or attend school within the city limits of Dover. At any given time, there are between 240 and 275 offenders in Dover who meet this criterion. The officers, who are retired police officers with full law enforcement powers, are responsible for making all public communications about sex offenders. Officers check on all offenders in the city to ensure compliance with the program. Level 1 is the lowest level and is tested once a year, Level 2 is a moderate risk and is tested twice a year and Level 3 is the highest risk level, which is tested 4 times a year. If an offender has violated the conditions of their restrictions, an arrest warrant is obtained and officers work with officers to aggressively search for the offender in order to make the arrest. You can view the sex offender registry for the entire Delaware state here: Delaware Central Sex Offender Registry.

When a school, school district or licensed child care provider receives a community notice, the community notice must be kept on file and kept in the administrative office, which is available for consultation upon request by adults and youth under adult supervision. The Delaware Sex Offenders Act states that state sex offenders must register with the state Department of Criminal Justice. The law protects Delaware citizens by raising awareness of the dangers of sex offenders. The purpose of the legislation is to reduce offenders` recidivism or likelihood of re-offending. The Level 1 risk assessment is a record of 15 years after the release of sex offenders from Level V (prison) or 15 years after the effective date of a sentence serving Level IV (probation) or below. Citizens can subscribe to the Dover Police ( website and receive email updates whenever a new offender is added/updated on the website. This option is located on the toolbar on the right side of the website.